Tuesday, May 1, 2012

290. Its hard to help myself from looking for you

sometimes it’s hard to say no when you really mean yes,
it’s hard to close your eyes when you really want to see, 
it’s hard to forget when you really can’t
 and the hardest is to go when you really want to stay...

( 28/4 - 29/4 )

source :  zackzukhairi 

I'm sorry. For cant stop. My bad. 

Thanks reading !


cimon said...

Lek2...doa byak2 k.

p/s: g makan eskrim, kasi cool sikit (^v^)

Haura Malina said...

ehhh cimon chipsmore la ! ;)

Eyriqazz said...

hik3..macam my wifey...mengamuk2 merajuk pun, tapi dlm hati tetap sayang...

Haura Malina said...

Hehe. Biasa lah perempuan, manja. hikkk. ;)