Tuesday, January 24, 2012

272. We - 7 years

no matter how hard i try to forget
no matter how many times i try to not care
no matter how long we have been far away
like we never know each other
like we never be something
but i know, deep inside the feeling is still there...

i dont know why
i have no reason
but maybe... maybe its just because..
the feeling, has been there for too long
so that.. really hard to make it away

somehow, i wish we could start all over again
but in another side, i pretty sure it wont be
or though we start, it wont work.

there's a feeling
but cant be together

there's always, two people who used to like each other,
and still have the feeling even after they are apart because of other people,
but someday, when they meet again,
each side decide to hide the feeling,
and just let it go..



you have her,
me have him .

though the feeling is still there,
i choose to try my best to fully give it to someone else.

though there's a bit wish of we could be together,
but i hope the wish just end.
though i really want to keep you forever in heart
but in the same time, i hope that i could erase you from my life

i really want you to be happy with someone you love
someone who really really loves you as i do.
someone who not hurt you,
someone who loyal to you,
and always there to cheer up you.

and i,
i really want to make someone who love me happy,
make him smile everyday
and wont let him feel hurt, as what i ever felt before.

and you,
please pray for me,
pray that i can forget you and would not hurt him.

"lina tetap teman di hati azam yang takkan mati"

though i didn't respond to you,
but inside, i answered  'me too' .

though there's a feeling, a wish,
but i hope the feeling and the wish could end.

people said,
there's no point to keep on loving someone who do not love you.

nukilan : lina , hati mati. 

[semalam kemas rak-rak buku, terjumpa kad-kad yang tak sempat bagi...
sebab tetiba karam di tengah lautan. Hehhh]

biarkan saja jadi sejarah kita.
suatu nanti, pasti segalanya mati.

Thanks reading !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

271. FINAL EXAM SEM 1 2011/2012

PSM 1 dah settle.
Final project Image Processing, dah settle.
Final project Data Visualisation pun dah settle.
Final project Geometric Modeling pun dah settle jugak.
Jadi sekarang, tinggal berjuang untuk FINAL EXAM aje lahh.

[time table final exam semester 1 2011/2012]

nota : kartun2 tu bukan aku lukis. aku tak pandai lukis2 nih  ;(    Member aku yang lukis, yang paling tinggi dalam gamba nihh. Aku tahu edit aje kat photoshop... Hehe. 

[ ni gambar asal, pandai kan member aku lukis, kitaorang satu geng, comel kan kami...hehehe. ]

P/s :  All da best pada semua yang sedang menghadapi dan bakal menghadapi peperiksaan. Gembirakan hati ibu bapa dan orang-orang yang sayangkan anda.  (:

Thanks reading !