Monday, November 2, 2009

02. Budak punya cite

Cik Haura Malina.
                               Cik Haura huru hara ;p

- ex of tadika kg.lobak, ex  of sk mahang, ex of smk sultan badlishah, ex of pneng matriculation college
n now currently studying in Johor.
- kinda weird person. the mood is up down n unpredictable.
-smiling. all the time !
- love mumbling. but i'm a quiet person actually.

-social recluse. a bit.
- singing a lot. not for anybody.
-miserable. fussy. wacky. awkward.
-pink n purple suits me well. but dark brown n black still be my option most of the time.
-selipa, wedges, sneaker. selipa is da best.
-wont go out without bracelet n stainless steel ring.
-reader of Harun Yahya's punya karya. take a chance. read them. He's really great.
-dats all.

may Allah bless

with luv, Haura Malina.

Thanks reading !